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The publication Trying to be here ..., neither a classic exhibition catalog nor an artist's book, is the intermittent, the fleeting, which Zhang always pursues in her work. The publication could be commonly called a recipe book, as an asiociative collection of material on the origins of the fragile Zhang's exhibitions, which are constantly being re-formed. The basis for the publication is the e-mail correspondence which led to the exchange of the «here», which Jiajia Zhang led during the preparations for the exhibition with Roland Früh and Daniel Morgenthaler. These texts, which are placed chronologically in descending order, are provided with photographs, screenshots, sketches and other texts. Materials, which Zhang im Prepares, exploits, discusses, and puts into their exhibition. They are sources that expand the exhibition and explain the way Zhang works. The flood of materials was consistently combined in the layout during the exhibition set-up, and Zhang commented and added a further level Which makes it possible to grow into a complex complex conglomerate.
Publisher: Jiajia Zhang
Design: Samuel Bänziger
252 pages German / English 125 × 195mm Soft cover
Jungle Books, St.Gallen, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-033-05571-1

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