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Muriel Baumgartner, Bob Gramsma, Julia Geröcs, Franziska Koch and Tim Zulauf, Emanuel Straesle and Petra Cortright In the exhibition Seduktion All you (n) ever wanted with the emergence process of value. In the O space -ion +, the artists showed installations, objects, and performances that reconciled value structures with traditional or new approaches, in (local) speci c as well as in general. The exhibition space itself, a former car showroom on Badenerstrasse 565 in Zurich, formed the starting point for the survey. Due to the time-delayed presentation of goods and art in the same exhibition space, a tension field arose, on the basis of which first questions about the value construction in the object were urged and secondly questions regarding the location and its use. The purpose of this publication is to reevaluate revaluation processes at a further level. The value A work is enhanced by the documentation, which also applies to the exhibition Seduction All you (n) everwanted and for the remaining events in the -ion +. Editor: Salome Hohl and Linda Lämmle
Design: Samuel Bänziger
72 pages of German / English 191 × 272mm Soft cover
Jungle Books, St.Gallen, 2013
ISBN: 978-3-033-04809-6

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