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Warm Equations is a monograph that’s not a monograph but more of a chorus of voices on the mercurial new collage paintings by New York–based artist Alan Reid. The concept of this substantial book pivots around the artist’s deferral of authorial closure, shifting the emphasis from his work to multiple contributors. Edited by independent curator Rachel Valinsky, Reid’s paintings are interleaved with writings and poems by eight authors including Matthew Brannon, Corinna Copp, Jill Gasparina, Kristen Kosmas, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Lisa Robertson, Chris Sharp, Rachel Valinsky and Jamieson Webster, who pronounce their own concerns and set textual tempos and rhythms that run amok non-hierarchically, latching onto Reid’s metaphors or installing their own. Valinsky’s multi-voice concept is the perfect response to Reid’s mixed-media collaged portraits of androgynous models. Sketched over with references to music, poetry, sex, clothing, dresses and decorations, they hover aloof, between kitsch and the elegantly sublime.

January 2017 / Softcover
7 x 10 in. / 200 pp / 50 color
ISBN: 978-3-906803-04-3

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